Q: Why buy from motorcyclefairingkit.com?
Motorcycle Fairing Kit is a trusted online seller for motorcycle fairing kits. Our motorcycle fairings uses high grade ABS plastic imported from Japan and uses injection mold. The holes are pre-dirlled for easy installation. Our quality is one of the best in the market!
Q: Why is your fairing more expensive than other sellers?
A: All our fairing kits are made of high grade ABS plastic that uses injection mold or compression. The ABS plastics are all imported from Japan that is whey the cost of manufacturing are higher unlike some other manufacturers that uses inferior grade ABS material that are fragile and low quality. Our fairings are also pre-drilled for easy installation.
Q: Why use high grade ABS plastic for fairings?
High grade ABS plastic is light weight and better than other materials.  It is the best material for aftermarket fairings.
Q: Does the fairing kit fit my motorcycle?
Our molds are created by engineers to match the original fairings. All our fairings are pre-drilled and easy to install to fit your motorcycle.
Q: Where is the fairing manufactured?
Our factory is located in China. This does not mean that we offer poor craftsmanship and quality. Our factory is located in China to reduce manufacturing cost to help our customer pay less for a new set of fairings. Our plastic is imported from Japan and it uses the highest grade of ABS plastic in the market. The paint jobs is painted by a professional air brushes to ensure high quality. Our final fairings are checked for paint jobs and quality unlike others.
Q: What is the difference between aftermarket fairings instead of OEM
Aftermarket fairings are made to fit and match the original fairing. The paint color is matches 95% of the original OEM color. However, aftermarket fairing is so much cheaper than original fairing. The quality is the same as original OEM. So why pay more for original fairings?
Q: How long does it take for my fairing kit to arrive?
Read our shipping info page to learn more about the delivery time.